A few years ago I was wrongfully charged with serious crime. I contacted Daniel Anchondo and told him about my situation. He immediately provided his counsel and we began working on my defense. From our very first meeting I felt at ease because he expressed genuine concern for my future and well being. He handled all my requests promptly, but what was most important was that he always kept me informed and up to date with my case. Mr. Anchondo has over 40 years of experience and once my trial got underway it showed. His knowledge of the law and the legal system was impressive, and his presence in the courtroom was imposing. He presented my case with authority and left no doubt in the jurys mind as to my innocence. Daniel Anchondo and his son Christopher delivered a not guilty verdict, but above all they gave me my life back. I am deeply grateful that Danny and Chris represented me and strongly advise that in your time of need you seek their counsel.
Former Client
"I retained the services of Anchondo and Anchondo around the winter of 2008. I was in the middle of any mother's nightmare. My ex-husband had kidnapped two year old son and had run away. This is not a case any normal lawyer wants to take on. Daniel Anchondo not only wanted to help but stayed on my team for the next four years. The first three were with helping me locate my son and the last year was the actual court proceedings against my ex husband after he was found hiding away in New Mexico. It was a grueling four years but all worth it once we got to court. Mr. Anchondo is a confident and strong speaker who knows how to question and produce the truth from even the most vile of liars. He never backed down and covered all sides to any of the lies my ex would try to throw at the court. Thanks to Daniel Anchondo, I have custody of my son and I have been able to move on from a very emotional dark chapter of my life. He could have easily charged me for every second he worked on my case but he knew I was only a school teacher. He would work with me and make sure I could afford whatever next step we needed to take. I would highly recommend this law firm. They are the most professional and caring lawyers I ever had the pleasure of working with. "
Jenny (New Orleans, LA)
"Daniel Anchondo & his son Christopher delivered a Not Guilty Verdict, but above all, they gave me my life back. I am deeply grateful that Danny & Chris represented me, and I strongly advised that in your time of need you seek their counsel."
Former Client