Are You Considering Divorce?

El Paso Divorce Lawyers Protecting Your Rights

The decision to get divorced will change your life so it’s not a decision people make lightly. When we first meet with people at the family law firm of Anchondo & Anchondo, we talk with about whether it’s possible to save the marriage and minimize the disruption to your life and your finances.

When divorce really is the best choice, our El Paso divorce lawyers offer you options for resolving the issues that must be decided, like property division and spousal support. We can help you with lower-cost options like divorce mediation and divorce negotiations. Or, if you’ve got a fight on your hands, we can also take your case to Texas family court.

The El Paso divorce lawyers at Anchondo & Anchondo has been helping people with family law problems in this community for nearly 40 years. Call 915-228-4360 or e-mail us for a free initial consultation.

The Issues to Decide in Divorce

We know the community and we know El Paso family courts. We understand the challenges our clients may be facing:

  • The need for spousal support, or the need to pay less alimony
  • Complex property division, such as military pensions or unique property or inheritances
  • The challenge of overseas military service to getting a divorce finished and how it can affect child custody negotiations
  • Reaching agreement on sensitive issues like child custody and visitation
  • Marital violence and the need for protective orders (as well as the problem of false charges of abuse sometimes used to get a spouse out of the house or to put them in a one-down position in divorce court)

Let our TX divorce attorneys help you arrive at a property settlement agreement, child custody agreement and support agreement that works for you and your children.

Call the Hometown Divorce Lawyers at Anchondo and Anchondo

If you have made the difficult decision to get a divorce, the El Paso divorce lawyers at Anchondo and Anchondo can help you with divorce mediation and divorce negotiations. We can also take their case to court, if you have a fight on your hands regarding spousal or child support or the division of marital property.

When you work with us, we will explain your rights and options, and we will be by your side throughout the process. Separation agreements, property settlement agreements, decisions about child custody, child support orders – we handle everything. We have been providing compassionate care legal for nearly 40 years.

Call the family firm Anchondo and Anchondo at 915-228-4360 or email us for a free initial consultation.